Truva Corp clients generally list their asset backed or corporate debt on one of the major international stock exchanges.

There are an increasing number of exchanges in Europe where issuers can list. Frankfurt, Amsterdam and the other Euronext exchanges across Europe are all suitable for debt listings. Tax treatment is a consideration that should always be part of choosing a listing location. As well as tax, the choice of exchange will depend on numerous factors including: Investor requirements; accounting standards; regulation; liquidity, and corporate image and reputation management are all relevant factors.

It is important to have an experienced advisor to help with all the steps required for a listing on any exchange. We plan and manage every aspect of this complex process. In some cases, we are able to apply for listing directly and in other cases, we will instruct and supervise a local listing agent.

We also identify and manage all service professionals involved in a listing, including accounting, audit, legal and others. Our relationships mean that we minimise third-party costs where appropriate and avoid delays in the process.

Depending on the nature of the debt to be listed, the entire process can take anything from a few weeks to three months to complete. The total cost of the listing process will also vary based on the nature of the debt to be listed and the level of accounting, audit and legal input required. We strive to provide quotes that give clients a good picture of what the total cost will be (within a range) and the timeline for listing.