Company Administration

Company Administration

Company Secretarial Services

We provide SPV management and administration services to issuers, investors, arrangers and originators in all the main issuer jurisdictions across all asset classes. Our services include the incorporation of legal entities, company secretarial and day to day administration services.

We work with and have experience of a wide range of structures, including EMTNs, CLOs, trade receivables, ABS and sharia financings.

As part of our Outsourced General Counsel services, we also provide company administration and company secretarial services to select corporate clients.  Our role varies significantly from company to company and can depend on whether the company is listed.  In some cases we have a purely administrative role and in others we advise the board on procedures, governance and strategy.

Truva Corp is regulated by HMRC in the provision of company secretarial services.  There are many benefits of having an independent, regulated company secretary for your business:

Compliance: We help ensure that your company is complying with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, such as those related to corporate governance, securities laws, and annual reporting requirements.

Efficiency: We can streamline processes and procedures within your company, reducing the workload for other executives and improving the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Governance: We can be responsible for managing the company’s governance structure, including the management of board meetings and the preparation of meeting minutes and reports.

Risk management: We can provide advice on risk management and help the company to identify and mitigate risks to the business.


Directors, especially in the financial services sector, are expected to have the skills to deal with legal and regulatory obligations knowledgeably and responsibly.

Our nominee directors and officers are all experienced business professionals. They have the seniority, qualifications and experience to effectively act as directors of finance vehicles, securitisation issuers, alternative investment funds, SPVs and corporates.

Both the regulatory environment and investors are now increasingly requiring such companies to have strong independent directors, often based in the relevant local jurisdiction.

Our independent directors have many years of real-world experience to support our clients. They are specialities in legal, fund administration, due diligence, risk and compliance.

Not only will our directors and offices provide independence and guidance, our team at Truva will also handle the administration of board meetings, such as preparing board packs and minutes, and all necessary filings and registrations required after the meeting.