Exit Preparation

Exit Preparation

Get ready for buyers / investors

We start with a deep dive into the business. We imagine it is for sale and we diligence it (for a fixed fee). We provide a report and gap analysis on the legal state of the business.

Along the way we start helping you implement technology that will help get contracts signed, store your know how and manage your company structure not to mention a living, evolving data room.

Keep up the momentum

Then we start to close the gaps. Contracts get signed, technology gets recommended and implemented. Systems get created. Legal and operational risk gets reduced. This work is done on a banded cost system – clients get fixed pricing and a team with a blended skill set. “Unknown Unknows” turn into “Known Unknowns” and then into “Known Knows”.

Contract administration

Organisations enter into numerous contracts that need to be managed, both for their business and as part of their offering.  Our services are designed to help organisations manage those contracts across their entire lifecycle and implement technology that helps get those contracts signed.

We will review your contracts to establish frameworks and plans for ongoing monitoring, particularly where those contracts are high value or high risk.  We will prepare an easily accessible database of all your contracts and identify all relevant milestones and deadlines in relation to the obligations of our clients and the counterparties.

Data protection

It is important that each business protects the personal data that it collects, and that data must be handled in line with current legislation, potentially across a number of jurisdictions.  Larger organisations typically have a data protection team, and we are able to support them on both ad hoc and large-scale projects. For smaller organisations, we are able to train your staff to put policies in place for data protection compliance meaning that you only pay for what you need, and you benefit from our extensive experience and resources.

The law requires organisations to demonstrate their compliance, and we can provide you with an annual audit of your procedures, controls, policies and general data protection strategy. If we identify any gaps, we can help you resolve them.

Compliance and risk management

Compliance can be a stumbling block. Even if you have a well-established in-house compliance team, there will be requirements or projects that require additional resources or expertise.

We can assist with the creation of policies and processes, as well as the design and delivery of training programmes. We can also provide you with peace of mind by conducting comprehensive compliance monitoring to ensure that you are meeting your regulatory obligations.

IP Advisory

We provide up to date advice across a wide range of issues involving an organisation’s intellectual property. Our management, strategy and registration services enable businesses to get more from their intellectual property. We help both the owners and licensees of intellectual property to protect and maintain what is often their most valuable asset.

Go to market

Support for investment acquisitions and sales. Due diligence teams, data rooms and decks. We have seen and done them all and help our clients across the line.