Truva Corp holds itself to high ethical standards, befitting a corporate trustee and financial intermediary. Not only is this appropriate, it is essential to protect the reputation upon which we depend. We strongly believe that our ethical values should not be confined to our professional activities.

We look to reflect the importance of these values in our choice of clients, in our charitable partnerships and in the causes that we, as individuals, chose to support outside of work.

Here are some examples of how we put ethical responsibility at the forefront of everything we do.

Generators not boilers

Truva Corp is working with Advanced Generation Limited to create a bond programme structured to finance the deployments of gas generators as replacement for inefficient boilers in large facilities such as hospitals.

Not only does the replacement generator produce heating energy more efficiently that the traditional boiler that it replaced, it also generates all the required electrical energy needed by the facility.

This vastly reduces both carbon emissions and utility costs, eliminating completely the need for an external electrical supplier.