Listing and regulatory filings

Our experienced advisors plan and manage every aspect of a complex process for issuers and arrangers of asset-backed and corporate debt.

Expert advice that minimises costs and avoids delays

Truva Corp principally represents issuers and arrangers of asset-backed and corporate debt. Our clients generally list on one of the London, Ireland or Luxembourg stock exchanges. All three exchanges have different markets with different features.

Each has a market that is regulated by an external regulator and is subject to stringent requirements such as the EU prospectus and transparency directives. As an alternative, each exchange also has a market that is regulated by the exchange itself and falls outside of the EU directives, although the requirements are often very similar.

There are also an increasing number of exchanges in Europe where issuers seeking to qualify for favourable tax treatment can list. Frankfurt, Amsterdam and the other Euronext exchanges across Europe are all suitable for debt listings.

The choice of exchange will depend on several factors. Investor requirements, accounting standards, regulation, liquidity and corporate image will all drive the choice of exchange.

It is important to have an experienced advisor to help with all the steps required for a listing on any exchange. We plan and manage every aspect of a complex process. In some cases, we are able to apply for listing directly and in other cases, we will instruct and supervise a local listing agent.

We identify and manage all service professionals involved in a listing, including accounting, audit, legal and others. Our relationships mean that we can minimise third-party costs and avoid delays in the process.

Depending on the nature of the debt to be listed, the entire process can take anything from a few weeks to three months to complete. The total cost of the listing process will also vary based on the nature of the debt to be listed and the level of accounting, audit and legal input required. We can generally provide a fairly accurate quote before starting the process.

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We are headquartered in London, but we work with clients across the UK, Europe, Asia, the US and Australasia.

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We have simple, transparent pricing, so our clients always know the costs to expect and when.

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Our vision is to be the UK’s most agile professional services provider for the investment community, offering a personalised and customised service for our clients.

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Our mission is to use our experience of raising or investing in capital on the international markets to efficiently help our clients achive more.