Advisory and product structuring

We advise our clients on all aspects of setting up optimal structures and accessing the most appropriate debt instruments and markets within those structures.

Expert product structing advice for optimal results

We advise our clients on the best way of raising capital and the optimal structure. Whether that is through a stock exchange listing, a merger with the SPAC or by raising debt, the structure of that offering is crucial to the way that the business will operate after it has raised the capital.

Organisations can raise finance, manage those liabilities and subsequently refinance on the best terms by identifying and accessing the most appropriate debt instruments and markets within the right structure. We will advise on all aspects of those structures and assist with distribution preparation, lender or investor management, ratings and ESG-related matters, particularly in relation to green bonds and sustainability linked instruments.

We also specialise in structured products and pre-packaged investments that help clients achieve highly individualised risk-return goals. Such investments provide tailored exposure to asset classes that are otherwise difficult to access.

Lean, agile, boutique service

We take the time to get to know our clients and partner with them to build long-term relationships. We cut out overly long and unnecessary processes and bureaucracy to deliver maximum value.

International and cross border specialists

We are headquartered in London, but we work with clients across the UK, Europe, Asia, the US and Australasia.

Transparent pricing

We have simple, transparent pricing, so our clients always know the costs to expect and when.

Tech forward

We combine the best third party technology with our own to provide an agile and streamlined service for our clients.

We empower investment professionals to achieve more.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the UK’s most agile professional services provider for the investment community, offering a personalised and customised service for our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to use our experience of raising or investing in capital on the international markets to efficiently help our clients achive more.